1. All targets must be hung AT EYE LEVEL based on the shooter(s) position.
  2. Eye and Ear protection must be worn on the firing line at all times.
  3. Guest shooters must be signed in.
  4. Aiways maintain proper muzzle control when shooting.
  5. All firearms are to be uncased at the firing line with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  6. Unattended firearms must be left unloaded, action open, and pointed in a safe direction.
  7. For rifles and handguns, all ammunition is permitted EXCEPT: armour piercing, incendiary, or tracer rounds.
  8. Targets must be constructed of paper (no glass, cans, etc.)
  9. Targets must not be photographs of individuals (boss, ex, etc.)
  10. Always ensure rounds are striking the backstop not side berms.
  11. In the event that another member calls a “CEASE FIRE” you must:
    1. stop shooting immediately
    2. unload your Firearm
    3. step back from firing line
  12. Observe all rules posted.

Please ensure that you have read and understand all safety rules and regulations before using the range and CDFGC Facilities.