Range Orientation

No alcohol or drugs on the ranges.
For use of the club house, contact one of the executives.
All minors must be accompanied by a member 18 yrs. or older.
Unlock and lock gate when entering
Sign the Acknowledgement after receiving the orientation to receive a key for the range.
To the right is the archery range (Do not over shoot the back targets, private property).
At the main gate sign out and unlock and relock the gate after you drive-thru.
Sign in at HUT by the main gate when entering the range.
At club house, set the flag for range in use and set the rope gate when the Trap or Skeet range is in use.
Trap or skeet areas; if in use wait to make contact with the range officer before entering. Use of club trap or skeet equipment needs an authorized agent to supervise.
Rifle and / or Pistol Range; Use the posted procedures for use. Assign a person as range officer if there is more than one person and set flags. Follow the range procedures listed. When finished, remove the flags. When the last person is leaving the range areas, remove the flag by the club house and open the rope gate.
Range hours of operation;

Winter hours
(Oct 31st – April 30th) 9:30am – 5:30pm
Summer hours
(May 1st – Oct 31st) 9:30am – 7:30pm

Download and print a copy of the Range Protocol for your records.