Range Protocol

No shooting at buildings, trees, bottles, pieces of metal or plastic bottles etc.
Use paper targets or range supplied metal targets only, metal targets MUST BE AUTHORIZED by the CDFG Club.
Use of the trap or skeet equipment is with an authorized agent. NO EXCEPTION.
Don’t shoot rifles at Targets on the pistol range.
Do not burn donuts with vehicles on the grass or the parking areas.
The times and dates of operation must be enforced.
Archers must shoot at the archery range only: don’t shoot high into the air, or out of the range area.
Don’t shoot above the bans of the allocated ranges, it may endanger other farmers or people living in the area.
Members bringing Guests onto the range need to give the Guests the orientation, sign orientation acknowledgement and sign Guest Liability Waiver before using the range.
Guests who use the range more than twice should be signed as members. Use good housekeeping, keep the areas clean, take your garbage with you, including used targets. Maintain good housekeeping.

Download and print a copy of the Range Protocol for your records.